CareWorx senior executives are widely known for having helped thousands of technology service providers make the transition into Managed Services for over 15 years!  So, it’s no surprise that CareWorx is pioneering new ways to drive revenue into managed service providers’ (MSP) businesses!  To this day, many MSPs are still struggling to figure out how to drive more monthly recurring revenue (MRR) into their business without incurring significant costs.  This is this precisely the reason we launched our new CareWorx MSP Partner Program, as we know it can help drive significant MRR into your business without purchasing technology or hiring additional staff.

Mid-market and Enterprise service  desks have witnessed declining investments in customer support over the years—a trend we believe must change with today’s 24×7 always-connected end user demanding a better experience. We propose that the business mantra for 2016 should be to find a market-leading service desk partner that is onshore. During this session, you will learn all about the business value of jumping on board the CareWorx MSP train!  After this session, MSPs can dive deeper into the mid-market with a partner case study from SG1, and later explore the senior care opportunity within the CareWorx partner ecosystem!