1VIP Registration Opens! 9:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
2StaffScheduleCare Canadian User GroupStaffScheduleCare 10:00 - 3:30 PMMTCC South Room 803
3Toronto Blue Jays game! (SOLD OUT) 12:00 - 4:00 PMMeet in Intercontinental lobby for trip over to Rogers Centre
4Candid with Candace!Candace Chartier 3:30 - 4:00 PMMTCC South Room 803
5VIP “Drinks on Me” – Hosted by PointClickCareMusic by DJ George May 4:00 - 6:30 PMMTCC South Room 801
6Free night – enjoy TIFF, Dining, etc. 6:30 PM Onwards
1Breakfast & Registration 7:00 - 8:00 AMMTCC South Room 803
2Welcome to CareWorx VIP 2016!Jam Hashmi 8:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
3The Technology-as-a-Service® RevolutionMark Scott 8:15 AMMTCC South Room 801
4Keynote: Challenge. Distance. Discovery.Ray Zahab 9:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
5Vendor QuickFire PresentationsJam Hashmi 10:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
6Break with Vendor Sponsors 10:15 - 10:30 AMMTCC South Exhibit Area
7Thought Leadership Panel on Technology-as-a-ServiceSteve Gray , Mark Crandall , Mike Wessinger , Mark Tomzak 10:30 AMMTCC South Room 801
8The 3 Pillars of Employee ProductivitySanjay Lashand , Neil Gulsvig , Charles Weaver , Marco La Vecchia 11:15 AMMTCC South Room 801
9Lunch with our Vendor Sponsors NoonMTCC South Exhibit Area
10Senior Care: Using backup and disaster recovery technology? If so, you're falling behind.   Eric Torres 1:30 PMMTCC South Room 801
11Managed Services: From IT to Enterprise Service Management (HR, Facilities)ServiceNow 1:30 PMMTCC South Room 802
12CareWorx MSP: Introduction to the CareWorx MSP Partner ProgramMarco La Vecchia 1:30 PMMTCC South Room 803
13Managed Services: Leveraging a Certified MSP for Regulatory ComplianceCharles Weaver 2:15 PMMTCC South Room 802
14Senior Care: Mobility & Cloud in Senior CareSteve Robertson 2:15 PMMTCC South Room 801
15CareWorx MSP: Mid-market Opportunities as a CareWorx MSPMichael Lenhardt 2:15 PMMTCC South Room 803
16Break with Sponsors 3:00 PMMTCC South Exhibit Area
17Managed Services: Re-defining Your End-user IT ExperienceMarco La Vecchia 3:30 PMMTCC South Room 802
18Senior Care: Your Competitive Advantage - Optimizing Employee EngagementNeil Gulsvig 3:30 PMMTCC South Room 801
19CareWorx MSP: The Senior Care Partner EcosystemMark McIntyre 3:30 PMMTCC South Room 803
20Vendor Showcase 4:15 - 5:00 PMMTCC South Exhibit Area
21CareWorx VIP Dinner & Party Like a Viking! (SOLD OUT) 6:00 PMBrassaii
1Breakfast 8:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
2Welcome back!Mark Tomzak 9:00 AMMTCC South Room 801
3Keynote: Key Strategies to Boost Your Online Lead GenerationJam Hashmi 9:15 AMMTCC South Room 801
4Break 10:00 AM
5Roundtable: Addressing Government Reporting, Like PBJ, by Leveraging Technology StaffScheduleCare 10:15 AM or 10:40 AMMTCC South Room 801
6Round Table: Simple Steps to Move to the Cloud and Beyond!Steve Robertson 10:15 AM or 10:40 AMMTCC South Room 801
7Round Table: HIPAA Compliance FundamentalsCharles Weaver 10:15 AM or 10:40 AMMTCC South Room 801
8Round Table: Calculating the Impacts of DowntimeMichael Lenhardt 10:15 AM or 10:40 AMMTCC South Room 801
9Farewell Send-Off PanelCareWorx Executives 11:05MTCC South Room 801